Promote Your Business with the Marshall Chamber of Commerce

Why advertise with the Chamber? Why Not? It’s a great way to show your support as well as generating local businesses and to “shop local.” There are so many services that the city of Marshall has to offer; you, yes you one of our fine local businesses or service companies have the opportunity to attract more consumers.

Remember, you can send us a picture for an advertisement that we can post on our site, newsletter, or Facebook or we can do the work for you for an additional charge.  We have many sizes available, not just what you see here. We can even customize a size for you. Please contact us for details.

small ad size

Small Advertisement

This is an example of a small button size ad that will of course point a consumer to your webpage when they click on the picture. This ad is 88 x 31; starts out as little as $.75 a day, $233.75 for the year (paid in full) or $22.00 per month. per year. You are still able to get your message out there, just in a smaller form.

rectangular ad size

Rectangular Banner

This advertisement not only gets the word out but it’s also a great size as well. This ad is a 250 x 300 box banner shown above that starts out at $1.50 a day, $497 for the year (paid in full), or $45 per month.

basic ad size

Basic Ad

Here is just one example of a basic advertisement. The size of this ad is 160 x 300; a slightly larger banner usually shown on a sidebar starts out at $1 per day, $320 for the year (paid in full) or $30 per month. When your advertisement is posted, consumers will click on the picture and it will lead them right to your site. For this example, if you click on the picture, it will take you to the local Comfort Inn here in Marshall.

You provide us with a picture, we put it on our advertisements and viola!! The potential for new consumers is endless. How easy is that?

728 x 90 large ad size

Larger Banner

This banner will get your message out there. It can be edited with pictures as well as text. 728 x 90 a leader board banner starts out at $3 per day, or $910 per year (paid in full) or $90 per month

shy scraper ad size

Skyscraper Ad

This is a great example of what is called a skyscraper ad….this ad comes in several different sizes and can be yours for the asking. This ad really catches attention. Depending on the size, please contact us for pricing. The basic 160 x 600 Skyscraper banner starts out at $2 per day, $675 per year (paid in full), or $60 per month.